The Blue Butterfly by Don Julian Winslow Excerpt

The Blue Butterfly by Don Julian Winslow

Paperback & Ebook

Raynard took his place in the big chair before which Gratia now stood waiting.  He smiled to see that she had dressed as he told her to, in that tailored business suit, the same outfit she wore the day they first met: the pencil skirt and silky blouse under the trim fitted jacket; the gleaming patent leather pumps.  He took his time, taking in those lengthy legs encased in shimmering black nylons, pausing to admire those feminine lines and handsome features: the classic high cheekbones, the generous lips set now in a tight, tense line.  She stood looking down at him, and their eyes met: hers, large and expressive eyes; deep brown eyes that were anxious with neurotic energy, yet bright with the anticipation she felt keenly rising up in her.

“Come here, closer,” he muttered.  He watched the pointed shoes take a step forward on the deep pile carpet. He looked up at her.

“Get undressed.”

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