The Patient in Room 435 by Lizbeth Dusseau

From Nurse Nancy Misbehaves, Copyright ©, by Lizbeth Dusseau, all rights reserved

“Nurse McCarron,” the sexy Dr. Creighton addressed his pretty voluptuous nurse… his words dripping with lust—“while Nurse Thompson covers your shift, there’s a patient in room 435 who needs your attention. Go to his room, bend over and show him your ass. Tell him all the lurid details. Then let him know that you’re his to use. Whether you’re ready for a cock as large as his in your ass, we really don’t know.” The doctor, who had his hand on her behind, snaking its way into her anal cleft drove his fingers into her backdoor. “But you’ll find out tonight. Call it part of your punishment, and by all means,”—he paused because this was important for her remember—“seduce him. Show him a good time and love every minute. It seems to be what you do best.” The unexpected contempt in the doctor’s voice was disturbing. Not that she hadn’t heard the same tone from the other doctors; it bothered her more coming from this source. She didn’t understand what was behind it, what he wanted from her. Maybe this wasn’t supposed to make sense—it probably never would. Regardless, she felt like an utter failure in his eyes, nothing to him but a thing to abuse—which he did with a style that only made her want him more. She really wanted to be the good slut, the perfect slut, the perfect submissive. Impatiently, Dr. Creighton smacked her ass dismissively as he shooed her out. “Get going, the man’s waiting.”

She was tempted to look back, but she’d only communicate to him her desperate longing for him, which seemed to crowd out every other feeling. Better not let him know, not yet.


435… 435… she tried to remember who was in that room. But it had been several days since she’d been on that floor, and by now, the private room had probably changed patients. Like the rest of hospital at night, this floor was dimly lit and quiet. The nurse on duty had her back to her, as Nancy crept down the hall and stopped before room 435. Taking a deep, anxious breath, she silently slipped inside, immediately seeing that the privacy curtain was partially drawn. “Hello,” she quietly called, being afraid that she might startle a sleeping patient.

Hearing no response, she moved closer to the bed, at the moment, unaware that someone was moving in behind her. She pulled the curtain back just slightly. The bed empty! An intuitive tingle tickled the back of her neck, then raced down her spine. She stopped short.

“Don’t move. Don’t turn around,” she heard a man speaking. A familiar voice? Was that possible? She waited for him to say more, and when he didn’t, she recalled Dr. Creighton’s very specific orders.

“I’m supposed to show you my ass,” she told her unseen patient.

Again, when the man didn’t reply, she went ahead with her instructions. Bending over, she reached behind her and flipped the hem of her skirt over her bottom. A light from the outside window illuminated the setting, giving her fair ass cheeks a pale and pearly luminescent glow.

       Seduce him.        

Remembering Dr. Creighton’s command, and wanting to do exactly what she was told, thinking that it might actually be Dr. Creighton behind her right now—if she weren’t only that lucky—she braced herself on the bed before her and began to sway her behind in a lurid fashion that would be hard for any man to resist. She massaged her cleft with the rolling movement of her legs and hips. If only she could turn around, she’d attract him with her breasts—always her favorite asset to expose. But following her orders to the letter, she used the twin mounds to entice her prey, and after a time reached back with one hand to massage her ass and all the tender places that had been so terribly abused. How they ached for attention!

While playing with her malleable flesh, she spoke in a sexy, hushed whisper, “Ooo my, I’m awfully hot… in fact, I think I’m about to cum.” She felt the impact of her words through her body. Oh, yes! A hard fuck was exactly what she needed now. “Ah, Sir, I’m yours to use. Pleeeeese, put your cock in me, please.” She could feel her bruised pussy start to spasm again—would it be disobeying orders if she came spontaneously? She hoped not; she so close to cumming that any second she expected the climax crash around her. Her undulating body looked like a cat on the prowl, a cat in heat, as her long legs continued to shift back and forth and her hips continued to roll. When the man finally reached out and touched her bottom, her entire body gasped. For a second, she was so dizzy, she was afraid she’d faint.

Nancy quickly regrouped, hissing sensuously, “Yes. Oh, just like that, yessss,” when the man began to massage her pussy and clit. His fingers traveled the length of her cleft, moving at will. Damn! She wanted to fuck! “Oh, please take me,” she encouraged her silent patient. Mimicking Dr. Creighton’s technique, he swathed her pussy in her own juices. Then running his wet fingers to her anus, he smeared the taut rosette in a gentle massage and began to probe the opening.

       Oh, yes, she wanted to fuck. But anal sex? Her conflicting feelings had no resolution. But the more the man toyed with the tight entry, the less invasive the feeling was. Even though she dreaded the act, she remembered the instructions and begged him to use her. “I’ll bet you’d like to cum in my pretty ass,” she purred for him in a honey-coated twang. “It’s sooooo tight. Just think of my muscles squeezing your dick.” Her breathless urging was having its effect. She heard the rustling of his clothes, a zipper going down—this wasn’t a patient, that’s for certain—and then she felt the firm feel of a stiff cock against her ass. “Oh, yes, that’s it, darlin! Cum in me, stick that hot dick in my ass and fuck me hard. Yes, fuck me hard!”

By then, she almost believed herself. His fingering had opened her anus the way the anal plug did—but even more so. He scoured her deeply, lubricating her for that inevitable first thrust of his erection. When he finally pulled his fingers out, she shivered with fear, knowing what came next.

“Easy girl,” he spoke again in a quiet hush, a comforting hush that thrilled her almost as much as what he was doing to her behind. His cock was poised to strike; she could feel the head testing the opening. ‘Whether you’re ready for a cock as large as his in your ass, we really don’t know… But you’ll find out tonight.’ Dr. Creighton’s message echoed in her thoughts, as she imagined the size of the cock that was about to answer the pressing question. She envisioned something humongous, the kind that her pussy only liked when she was really really horny. Well, she was really really horny now, but in her ass? She quivered again from her neck to her toes.

Relax, she heard her inner voice. As she felt the stiff thing begin to slip inside the narrow hole, she finally forced her body to calm.

“Easy now,” the man spoke again, in a voice that continued to confound her, even though, she was almost sure who this ‘patient’ was.

As advertised, the man had a sizable erection; no doubt about that. The huge member inched its way beyond the opening, widening the channel to accommodate its generous size.           Suddenly, her patient ended his unhurried entry and lunged forward until his entire dick was lodged in her ass.

“Oh, god, nooooooooo,” she gasped, pleadingly. She was sure the hurt would make her scream, and was about to cry. But then, to her bemusement, the impaling didn’t hurt, not the way she expected it to. Though it seemed as if he’d ripped her wide open, there was no pain, just an ungodly, unmanageable sensation. He began to move in her with the same in and out rhythms of vaginal sex. Something she was used to. But this was a selfish fuck, driven by the lust that commands men’s brains and transforms them into beasts. Yes, that was it! The fuck was beastly, abusive, like rape, like an invasion of her privacy, as if he were trying to assault her spirit, trying to own her, which, at the moment, he surely did.

Her insides felt as if they’d been pried open. Her sexual juices trickled down her thighs. Then her pussy spasmed, ejaculating a flood of liquid that dripped to the linoleum floor. She wanted to play with her sex, make it cum—just as the patient was going to cum. He must have known! Mercifully, he reached around, snaking his fingers toward her pussy hole. Finding the prize, he clutched her throbbing clit firmly between his fingers and the fucking picked up speed. While his dick pounded her in a merciless gait, she gave in to the wild mélange of sensations, realizing that that at any moment, they’d be cumming simultaneously.

“Yesssssssssss,” she hissed, sucking in air. “Fuck me harder!” she demanded, as if she was in charge. Heeding her command, her unseen lover pinched her clit tighter still and rammed her hard. With just a few more meaningful thrusts, she was cumming all over his hand, writhing her hips in a crazy dance, and squeezing the cum from his erection. At the moment of climax, he withdrew his fingers from her clit, and grabbed both of her ass cheeks in his hands. An instant later, he jetted a load deep into her channel. His guttural noises resounded in her ears. They made her spasm again, until he stopped hanging on, stopped ejaculating and finally withdrew his spent organ.

Nancy’s legs felt like rubber; her ass as if it was still wide open. A cool burst of air soothed her heated body, but not the throbbing sensation, which seemed to go on as if it would never stop. Feeling a bit dizzy, she collapsed forward onto the table.

Unfortunately, she had little time to recuperate before her assailant was barking commands.

“Clean up the mess, nurse, and pull yourself together. You’ve got work to do.”

“Yes, sir,” she immediately responded. She was certain… but not quite certain. The voice seemed to mutate every time he spoke to her—her memory was fuzzy, even her recent memory of Dr. Creighton’s voice. Could it have been Dr. Lyman, or Dr. Stone? Certainly, it wasn’t Dr. Merriman; his gravelly tone was distinctive—and it didn’t match this horny patient in 435. Yes, it could have been Dr. Creighton. Then again, it could have been a patient in street clothes, and not one of her doctors. Would they tell her the truth? Probably not.

Nancy’s ass hurt long after the fucking was over. She felt as though someone had scraped her insides, leaving the channel feeling as raw as the cleft of her ass felt from being spanked. But she was also more subdued, feeling calmer and more peaceful than she could recently remember. The discomfort that remained nurtured that state of being. This was a quiet feeling, a sensuous quiet that seemed to have climbed inside her bones and settled in like a cat settling in for a long nap.


She walked home at four that morning, her head still in the clouds, as she dreamily made the ten-block trip to her apartment. She wasn’t sure what possessed her to leave her car in the lot and take it on foot. Something about the early morning breeze she decided, perhaps, the bracing feel of something inherently cool on her flushed skin. Maybe it was a defense against that angry feel of her body begging to climax again. Like taking a cold shower, she was invigorated and revived, but not aroused when she finally turned the knob on her front door and let herself inside. The only thing that kept her from falling asleep right away was the gnawing need to know who the man was that took her ass. She knew who she wanted him to be. But just as surely as she fixated on that possibility, she’d find out she was wrong. What a disappointment that would be.

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