Don Julian Winslow


Who is Don Julian Winslow? Hard to say; but I can tell you who he is NOT. He is not Don Winslow who writes whodunits for a living. In a case of bad timing (for Don Winslow), Don Julian Winslow (aka Don Winslow – a pen name) emerged in the golden age of erotic fiction and had established an international reputation as a writer of quality erotica. Then along came the author with birthright to the very name and, as he struggled to become a literary icon in his chosen genre, he found to his alarm that people kept asking him if he still wrote those “dirty books.” One can only sympathize with a writer who tries so hard to be taken seriously, only to find his reputation soiled by a common pornographer! And so it goes. Life is unfair.

And so we can tell you dear reader that Don Julian Winslow is an internationally best-selling author who has written some 20 books of erotic fiction. Hollis Compton, critic for New Age Publications, has characterized Winslow’s work as “pure porn, unpretentious…and masterfully done.” (Contact:

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