Patrick Richards

About Patrick Richards

Patrick Richards was raised on a small family farm in rural upstate New York.  He left his career as an English teacher more than 30 years ago to pursue his lust for adventure.  He always felt that if you don’t like what you’re doing then get out and do something you love.  Richards did just that – following his dreams.  He hunted and fished, climbed mountains and cliffs, while working whenever necessary.  The result was being published as an outdoor writer in a dozen different magazines, a staff writer for three of them and has had a weekly “Outdoor” column in his local newspaper for the past 18 years.  Patrick has been happily married for over 30 years to his best friend and soul mate. She supports him in most every part of his life.  But within every person there is a hidden secret.  His lifetime interest in BDSM has led him to writing 7 Femdom novels, 2 Maledom books, and a Femdom collection of short stories.  In 2016, he was the National Leather Association’s Annual Writing Award finalist for his book A Wild Ride.  Richards has a new Femdom book that will be released shortly and another one that’s in the works.

Femdom by Patrick Richards


Gay Maledom by Patrick Richards

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