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Dressed For Show by Lizbeth Dusseau


Dressed For Show by Lizbeth Dusseau


Excerpt from Bad Girls & Dangerous Men © 2000 by Lizbeth Dusseau, all rights reserved


I wake, feeling the warmth of Bailey’s crotch behind me. His sensuous pulse transmits through my ass into my cunt. I turn, kiss his rough face, the night’s growth of beard, and wait for him to open his eyes, which happens slowly. I inspect him, waiting, wondering what he’s been dreaming, if he dreams. Everyone dreams, but does he remember his? I’ve never asked. Three months, I’m still in awe. He wants me with him every night and every morning when he wakes. Few men says these things aloud. Bailey does.

“Mornin’, sugar,” I say sweetly.

He growls a bit, then smiles.

“It’s early, you don’t have to get up yet,” I tell him.

“What’s the time?”

“Time to fuck,” I giggle, and wiggle on him, nuzzling into his side, smelling the rich flavors of his body—the sour, the sweet, the tart, the aromas of leftover sex from a very good night. I’m still wearing the bondage dress he wove on my body the night before. The knots are still place, including the one just above my clitoris that stimulates it every time I move. My flesh pulses, radiating with need.

There’s an open place where the ropes go through my crotch, open for Bailey’s cock to pass between. As I squirm against him, my hand floats around his scrotum—playfully avoiding a direct assault on his rising organ. I let the momentum build.

In minutes, his whole body is engaged, coming after me as passionately as I go after him. Our lips lock; our tongues reach inside the other’s mouth. My legs scissor to fit the enormity of him inside me. I feel the ropes strain with every movement. My skin’s alive, as animate as another being, tingling, raw, sensitive to even the slightest graze of his palm. I rise on top of him as he rolls over on his back, and begin to hump in the saddle of his hips. Bailey’s cock slides freely inside the messy interior of my vagina. The accumulation of old semen, wet female remains and fresh dew merge to lubricate the ride. He’s fast, and I follow with him, allowing my body to swell and then burst brightly with orgasm, knowing that Bailey’s climax will follow seconds later.

He comes just as my tremors are departing, while I’m left with the prickly remnants and the well-being that floods even my addled head—at least for awhile.

I collapse against him in a languorous faint when the fucking is over, and run my hands absently through his hair. I’m about to say, ‘I love you’, when he suddenly pushes me away and jumps from bed on his way to the bath.

“Sorry, Maddie, morning calls!” he yells to me.

I smile. I’ll mention love later, I think. Now, I’m content to drift.


“Hey, sleepy head!” I hear Bailey’s soothing roar knock me from my nap. “You’re due at work by noon.”

“Yes,” I agree.

“You said you had errands?” he asked.

“I do.” I remember that fact with a frown.

“Then I’ll see you later. Noon on the dot,”—he’s always reminding me to be on time. My stellar reputation for tardiness is one small sore spot in an otherwise pleasant relationship.

“What about the ropes?” I ask, staring up at him, realizing that he’s ready for work, while I’m still naked, sweaty and streaked with last night’s come and this morning’s new batch. Still, I have two hours before I have to be at work, plenty of time for what I need to do.

“Leave them on,” he says.

“Under my clothes?”

“Yes. Sponge your crotch and pits, put on a little perfume and wear them the rest of the day.”

“You want me to be miserable?”

“Is it misery?”

Of course, it’s not. I smile. “Maybe, a little…”

“You’ll survive. You need a reminder of who’s in charge, slut.” His eyes twinkle playfully and then he’s gone.




I feel the ribbons of crossed and knotted hemp when I walk. Their feel is comfortable, comforting, stimulating. I hardly slept the night enjoying their sensuous tug and jerk, and I let them titillate me now. This is good. I’ll need to generate a bit of sexual prowess for what I face. It might prevent the scene from getting ugly—I can always hope.

This part of town could scare a thief, but I’ve negotiated it for years. The abandoned businesses and broken houses are familiar to me. I remember when this wasn’t such a trashy place—when fucking in the alleys and back alcoves was sexy fun. I wouldn’t dare do that now.

Scofield’s current address is new—though the building is ancient. Once a factory, then a warehouse, now it’s been cut up into sections with several marginal businesses. At the moment, the whole place looks deserted. I feel an annoying sensation at the back of my neck, and then without warning a pair of hands on me. I get pushed into the alley, and shoved against the wall.

“I see you kept your appointment,” I hear his unmistakable voice.

“What the hell are you doing, Scofield!” I yell.


“Why? I’m here on my own. You don’t have to act like a jerk even if you are one.”

He angrily pushes my face into the brick.

“Scofield, stop!

“No, you stop!” he seethes behind me. “You shut your mouth and listen. Fight me, Madison, you’ll regret it.”

I regret I ever came here. But I had little choice.

He shoves me through the alley into the backdoor of the building. Why the front door wouldn’t do as well, I don’t understand, but obviously I have no say in the matter. He has my hands behind me. Ah, so much like Bailey in the dark, but this man has no morals, and I’m honestly afraid.

“I have your money, Scofield. There’s no need to get rough,” I tear away from him. I rummage through my purse and pull out the envelope with the five one hundred dollar bills.

Scofield throws it on a paper-strewn desk without looking inside, “It’s not enough.”

The man’s an ass—but an odd one for his underworld of losers, thugs and opportunists. He keeps himself impeccable; wears clean, pressed clothes on a muscled, well-built body. His black hair is trimmed short and his face cleanly shaved. He could almost pass for a business suit professional—without the suit. He’s got the manners and the attitude to deal with bankers and corporate types, but he prefers his riffraff, and making dirty money.

“What do you mean it’s not enough?” I ask him with contempt, trying to hide my concern. This was not what I expected.

“You owe me a whole lot more plus the interest, Maddie.”

“And that’s the payment you asked for,” I snap rudely.

“Yeah. Two months late.”

“You’ll have the rest. You know that.”

There’s movement on the fringes of our conversation. Looking beyond him, I see his goons arising like phantoms out of the gloom of the nasty building. Two I recognize—one of them, Jude, was a lover several years ago. The other two men I’ve never seen before. They don’t belong here, not in their fancy suits and ties looking like lawyers or Wall Street tycoons.

Scofield starts to smirk, but his eyes maintain that deathly serious look I’ve seen before. “I’m not content to wait, Madison.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just a change in the deal. It’ll make it easier on you.”

“I’m just fine with the deal.” If I could back out of the room, I would; but there seems to be no escape.

He shrugs. “But I’m not. And since we’re following my rules, I get my way.”

“What is that?” The adrenalin starts to flow. My nerves are fried. My mouth is dry as desert sand.

“You can help me help my friends here,” he nods to the duo, who look back at me with interest.

Scofield’s hands are all over me as if he has the right to be familiar. He squeezes my ass and I jerk away. He laughs and then starts to roam my back with his palm.

“Ah, interesting.” He’s felt the ropes. “I think we have a readymade slut about to show her true colors. Take off your clothes, Maddie.”

“I will not!” I attempt to withdraw from his oily hands, but I am so outnumbered the whole idea looks foolish. I bolt for the door, and Jude is there to catch me, pull me back and slap my ass.

“Take the clothes off or I tear them off,” he warns.

The two vultures in their slick black suits wait for me to obey, knowing I will, knowing I’m afraid and enjoying every second of my fear.

“Go on, Maddie,” Scofield adds his two cents.

I’m mad. I want to cry. I want to beat my fists against the ass’s chest. Instead, I start to strip, removing my sweatshirt first, and then my pants, until I’m stripped of everything except for Bailey’s ropes, the neat knots and perfect symmetry.

“What a find!” Scofield exclaims. “What did I tell you?” He turns to his friends, whose smiles are wide as a mile and fixed on my pudgy breasts, now distended and unnaturally pushed into conical shapes by the tied rope. It’s a slutty picture, eye candy for the horny and degenerate.

I hear a grinding sound behind me and sense the impending doom. Then my eyes stray upwards following the eyes of my captors, who look with glee as a meat hook descends from the inky black of the ceiling above, then finally stops with a jerk, swinging freely in midair.

“Dammit, Scofield, no!” I plead with him.

“Honey, you’re too good to pass on. Better than I thought. This new boyfriend of yours should be here to watch. I’d bet he’d like the show.”


“You want me to call him? Bailey is it? Albert’s brother? What do you think?”

“I think you’d better keep this between you and me.”

“Gee, Maddie,” he smiles wryly, “that’s what I thought, too.” He creeps around me, plunking the ropes like guitar stings. No sound. Not even a thud as they thump my flesh. “Cuff her hands,” he orders Jude.

My ex-boyfriend obeys the man making quick work of his job. Locked in cuffs, I can already feel the blood pulsing in my constricted wrists. The hemp dress starts to itch as I begin to sweat. Tugging on the chain that connects the cuffs, Jude pulls me with him to the center of the room and throws the wrist chain over the meat hook. The motor grinds again from somewhere off stage, and my body is slowly pulled up right as the ugly hook rises.

My pussy throbs, the whole of my sex feels liquid and squishy. I’m on tiptoe, straining, trying to stretch myself enough keep a hold on the ground.

“Stop!” Scofield orders the unseen man in control. I jerk as the pulley ceases to climb just before my toes are lifted from the cement. My body lengthens with the hemp cutting into my skin in several places, while my tormentor admires the look of me and assaults me with his sickening smile. “Trust me, hon, this won’t take long at all. A little debasement just for sport never hurt a slut like you.” He delights in his mocking observations. “In fact, we know you like it. Why else would your beau be dressing you so stylishly?” He twangs the ropes again and I wince. “Pretty. You always were so pretty with that mop of red hair.” He lays his hand on my cheek pretending to enjoy its softness. His hand is warm, his words cunning but effective. Behind me, Jude gives off sex with a pulsing crotch I can feel without seeing it. Soon my body will betray me and I’ll hate it for its lust.

I’m loving Bailey now, not these thugs and voyeurs. God help me!

Scofield backs away, Jude’s energy retreats, and the two suits on the sidelines step forward.

“Let’s put the mask over her face before we start,” one says—the tall one with the hefty body and the greased black hair. I’m thinking Mafia—his swarthy complexion suggests a mobster, but he talks smoothly with an educated ring in his voice.

The second fellow, smaller and more slender than the talking one, seems even more professional than his friend. His walk is elegant. In another world, he might be charming. I don’t understand their game, how two so civilized men could be playing these chilling games in this rancid warehouse office.

The mask slips over my face—one made of feathers intended to cover my eyes and nose but leave my mouth free. Two eyeholes allow me to see through the blur of feathers, and my nostrils are free to breathe. I’m not masked for torture but to disguise who I am.

I see why now, when a video camera appears to record the session. A black-market film is the obvious conclusion.

The two suits step back, the big one taking off his coat, and rolling up the sleeves of his white dress shirt. His cufflinks gleam—for several seconds, the two gold ornaments reflect the morning sun as it filters though the grimy windows overhead. The smaller man operates the camera, while I’m accosted by the other. The bold, impressive man stares into my eyes. His are remote, disconnected from the feeling man who owns them. I anticipate his cruelty.

While I watch, he fits a slick leather glove over his left hand and thrusts that hand between my legs. The camera rolls, recording every move and gasp I make. He finds me wet. All the leftovers from sex with Bailey not washed away this morning appear on his leather-covered hand as he withdraws it from my crotch. After showing me the sticky find, he returns to tug, to poke, to thrust his fingers in my cunt and bumhole, to jerk me so my body thrashes loosely. My feet lift off the ground and I’m forced to hold my weight with my strained shoulders. He stops and my feet settle down, touching concrete again.

He starts to smack my ass, landing blow after blow with his leather hand. I’m gasping, moaning, though the punishment doesn’t hurt that much until he changes implements and begins to slap me with a spanking tawse. The split end piece is like others I’ve seen before. Maybe it came from Jude’s store of sex toys. This one stings. It whaps my ass and thighs, then as this suited gentlemen strolls around my body, whaps the front of my thighs and right across my pubic mound. I try holding back my cries, but when he slaps me repeatedly on my pussy, I have to cry. But even letting out a decent wail there is no mercy. He keeps on until I’m thrashing senselessly, twisting like a sail out of control.

He stops and I faint for several seconds before coming to when he lays his palm across my face—not angrily, but enough to wake me.

“Lift her off the ground,” he orders.

The engine grinds again, the meat hook rises higher until my feet dangle uselessly.

“Oh, gawd no!” I moan, believing that I won’t be able to stand the suspension much longer.

“Do as I say, and I’ll let you down,” this cruel man tells me.

His leather hand returns to my cunt and my legs naturally widen to accommodate him. As he thrusts fingers in both my holes and begins to fuck me, I sense my sexual body roar awakened like an angry tiger. I’m battered back and forth, while using the strength of the man’s arm to take the heavy weight off my shoulders. I begin to come, spasming, letting my ravished body speak. While the camera whirs before me, I follow their orders, play their game as if I wanted it this way.

I’m sated and sore when I’m finally released. The men in suits have disappeared. The camera’s gone. Jude left along with the friend who worked the pulley. It’s just Scofield and me in the mangy office warehouse. I’m on the floor, trying to gather my wits and some strength.

“I always thought it a plus that your skin never marks,” Scofield says, while observing that most of the red on my ass and thighs has disappeared. “You won’t have to explain yourself to your boyfriend.”

“Oh, go away!” I hiss.

“Don’t you want to know how much I’m knocking off your debt?”

“As if I believed you would?”

“Honest, darling. Between the proceeds from that video tape and the cash they gave me for the pleasure of abusing you, you’ve paid your debt.”

“Like I believe you,” I groan.

“Hey, honey, trust me.” He’s all smiles. “Hell, you got off too. What more could a slut ask for?”

I’m suspicious, but I’m not about to argue. I split the warehouse as quickly as I can.

I’m late for work and Bailey won’t be happy—but that’s another debt to make amends for and I’ll have to think about that one later.




Indoctrination by Lizbeth Dusseau

From the novel Bad Girls & Dangerous Men by Lizbeth Dusseau, copyright © all rights reserved


I remain barefoot in my summery dress. The colors are blue and green, soft and shimmering  like gazing into the sky through trees that flutter in the breeze. The hem skims my legs, tickling, and the neckline plunges deep in front hinting clearly at the abundance of my breasts. My hands are tied again, while I’m still in the vestibule. There’s nowhere to go, no window, two locked doors on either side of the small space and a tiny gaslight burning at the wall. Other than a hard bench to sit on, there’s nothing else in the room but cabinets I cannot open. They grey-haired man donned his robe, took my note to Bailey, and left me to myself, no further explanations, suggestions or commands.

I wait at least an hour. Interminable. Uncomfortable. My ass aches from the bench. My legs still feel weak when I stand. When the door suddenly opens, I’m leaning against the paneled wall, eyes closed, trying to sleep.

“It’s time for your indoctrination,” the man tells me. He holds out his hand, but of course, I can’t take it. It’s just as well.

My cell connects to a sort of indoor amphitheater with several graduated rows of seats circling a dais at least twelve feet below the upper rim. The entire room is paneled in the same dark and dreary wood that decorates the entry, the ballroom and the vestibule I just exited. Gazing dazedly into the scene before me, I see each seat is filled by one of my many captors, the members in a club of sadists all wearing brown cloaks around their shoulders, over their dressy suits but open down the front. Their business is solemn and the mood grim, although there is a gut wrenching swirling energy about that no one can dismiss.

I swallow hard, holding back my tears, forcing my fear to subside. But the more steps I take into the pit, the more I realize how momentous these moments could be. This is not another of Scofield’s plots. He’s a scam artist. Perhaps he led these men to me, but they would never make him a member. These are heavyweights in their worlds. I know. I know them by the power they exude now.

At the dais, I’m told to circle before the room.

I raise my eyes to the company and slowly step in place turning, greeting every eye I can find. If they are going to have me, abuse me, use me, whatever their scheme, they will know the woman they are dealing with, they’ll know my strength—what strength I have left. When the circle is complete, I’m again staring into the grey-haired man’s smooth cool eyes. But he backs away, his presentation of me is over. A second later, I can’t distinguish him from the others.

Randomly, two, three, four at a time, the men descend on me, using their hands to inspect my body. They tear away the neckline of my dress, pulling out my tits, pinching my nipples, and then putting them back inside again. Other hands reach up under my skirt, toy with my pubis, tug my labia, insert fingers in my cunt and ass. Their probing of my anus makes me screech—the entrance is dry and ungiving. They work wordlessly, purposefully, having done this before and knowing what they are looking for. At least a dozen men maul me, then disappear, blending back into the crowd. I’m surprised that I’m still clothed, disheveled yes, but still wearing the summery dress, the only significant color in the room. I feel like a battered crocus rising out of the drab winter ground.

I hear some murmuring in the seats of the theatre, discussing my attributes, I guess. When I’m assaulted again, the skirt of my dress is lifted away and held by unseen hands behind me, while in front of me, kneeling, one of my anonymous captors carefully smears my labia, inner and outer, my clitoris and the soft tissue around it with a heavily scented, spicy concoction. The pungent odor stuns my nostrils, but more unnervingly, my skin warms. The devilish stuff stings, turning my already randy crotch hot. The hand applying the potion continues to fiddle with my privates. I can’t stand still, my body gyrates, twists. I bite my lip, feel the heat inspire new tears of pain. The man in back changes places with the one in front. While my dress is held out of the way, my anal cleft is pried apart and the stinging stuff is rubbed around my anus, and just inside the tight rosette.

“Oh! Please….” I plead under my breath. No one hears, or hearing, cares to listen.

My dress is untied and discarded, my hands raised to a bar above me and attached with cuffs. My feet are spread wide and fixed to either end of a spreader bar.

“Speak to us!” a voice shouts.

I don’t know what he means.

“Speak!” he insists.

“Speak!” another voice repeats the order.

“I don’t know what you want!” I sob, defiantly.


“Tell me what you want!” My entire crotch is on fire. I can think of nothing to say. I’m not even angry now. I just want this to end, but I already know these men are hardly through with me.

Other men attack my cunt and ass. They bring dildos on sticks that are shoved into both orifices at least eight inches deep.

“Dance, slut!” they order me.

Dance? How? I can hardly move.

“Dance!” They are furious with me.

I try. My ass wiggles, but there is very little range of motion. These dildos have spread the fiery potion deep into my entrails and my cunt. My groin becomes an inferno, fire and flame leaping and contorting inside out. Beside this poisonous stimulant, my body demands release in the only way it knows. The spasms are fierce, banging me from left to right, jerking the bars so I think my flesh will tear. I scream… and as my mouth opens I remember what the grey man said about my ungagged mouth, how the men will relish the sound of my pain.

There’s movement in the theatre around me, bodies restless with sexual urgency.

When the climax finally moves on, my crotch is still afire, but the raw wildness is gone. I shrink back inside myself, calm and wait.

Two naked women come to me, slithering next to my side with their hands spreading a soothing cream everywhere. The burning in my crotch slackens, I’m relieved. For a short while I drift with them as their breasts and legs move over me. Then they fall away, disappearing beyond my field of vision. My ankles are removed from the bar, my feet stand firmly on the dais, and then the dais begins to move upward, as a platform rises from the floor. I slump to my knees, finding myself on an altar. My arms are still fastened overhead, but the stretch is less vicious now.

“Speak slut!” they are after me again.

I’m almost instantly in tears. I don’t know what they want.


“Tell me, please.”

“Your cooperation is not necessary for the next step in your indoctrination. But it would be advantageous.” Here is the grey man again, speaking from the audience. I can’t see his face, but I know his voice. “Do you accept what we make of you?”

“What is that?” I find the words to ask.

“Our sexual possession.”

“What does that mean?”

“That we own you.”

“How can you own me?” I turn around, still not seeing the man with the voice.

“By entering your mind, taking over your thoughts, manipulating your body as we just did, forcing you to reply any way that pleases us. You will get used to it. You will adapt. Soon, you will know no other life. Your body belongs to this collective group. You will wear our mark and live imprisoned for life inside the rule of our private law.”

“How can I agree to that?” I ask from inside my confusion, trying not to argue, just to ask. The voice doesn’t like the question.

“How?” he snaps angrily. “Your instantaneous agreement should come rolling off your tongue without a second’s thought. Joshua!”

It’s the only name I’ve heard since I was abducted.

I know his name but not who he is, only that he controls me now, lowering the dais into the floor. I’m standing again, my arms stretched high overhead and the tortures resume. More of the burning potion is generously applied to my nether regions and then poured over my back and breasts, everywhere. My skin heats, my crotch grows hot again. I feel first the slight bite of a whip applied to my backside, then as the attacker moves around, I’m stung with the snapping fall from my tits to my knees. I jerk, twist angrily, and as a cat ‘o nine tails rips my body in tandem with the whip, the resulting welts burn far deeper than skin.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” I’m screaming again.

The world falls away for a time as my endorphins become engaged. I see glimpses of something beautiful all around me, but then the pain crashes through my brain and my body will not settle.

When everything suddenly falls silent and the whips and cats stop, there is the voice again, speaking. “How many times do we need to repeat the treatment, Madison. Give in now,” he sputters. He’s close, behind me, I can feel his spit hit my back. “You can be certain that you’ll spend a peaceful night,” he’s becoming calmer.

My gut wrenches. I’m stuck inside their cruel game with no way out.

“You have me!” I sob. “Whatever you want, take it!”

A long empty silence follows until he speaks again, “Good, very good.” He sounds so civil.


The dais rises as three men approach me. I look around at their faces, one Latino, one black, one lily white. They throw off their robes, rip away their fancy clothes, and present themselves naked. Each is buff, gleaming from sweat with the natural oils of sexual arousal reeking from their bodies. Their cocks are stiff, rising from nests of thick dark hair. In front, behind and to my side, they jump to the apron of the raised alter, a step inches below the platform where I sit. One by one, they stuff their thick meat into my mouth and expect me to suck. If only I didn’t see their faces first. They are no longer anonymous and so I hate the taste of them.

Regardless, I have no choice. I suck, cover their skin with my spit, and run my tongue around the grooves of their cock heads. They gaze down at me arrogantly, while I gaze up into their eyes with a practiced look of surrender. I’ve done this before. Perhaps I even feel surrendered to them now. I can’t honestly compute what I feel. I am numb, going through motions from my past that are familiar to me. The sex is rote, the action predictable and automatic as if there is a pornographic movie playing inside my head to lead me. For a while, I move from one cock to another, then the action switches—I can almost hear the whirring of an unseen camera just off to the left. My arms are freed, but I have no time to massage the ache away. I’m straddling the black man on this alter. His sleek body draws me into his muscled chest while he thrusts his big meat in my cunt. From behind, fingers prod my anus. I know what’s coming next. I gear up for the expected, as two, then three, then four fingers jut into the channel and make room. I find it difficult to believe that all this flesh will fit in me. But my body has no problem. It’s only my brain that thinks this is impossible. I learn the truth when the white man’s cock impales me, and the two compete for space, for equal time and attention. Jarred by their erratic rhythms, I find there is no harmony between them, and I feel as if I’m being torn apart.

My head’s jerked back by a stocky hand winding through my hair. My mouth’s impaled with the Latino version of testosterone power forcing its way inside. I gag. Sputter. Then relax and let him in.

I have to drift. I can’t think. I’m triply fucked… maybe even happy for it, being so full makes me forget. Forgetting is easy, a listless, endless, numbing thing. I’ve come too much to come again. My body is bound by its own limits, unwilling to release for anyone’s pleasure, including mine. They don’t care. My men are selfish, each one demanding more, expecting that I can pay attention to all three of them at once. I do my best, probably do a half-assed job, but they aren’t complaining. My eyes open and close. I get glimpses of the room around me, as naked women crawl from cock to cock in front of the theatre seats, giving pleasure; and the men without a woman jack off inside their hands.

I am the New Age Marilyn Chambers sucking, fucking cock behind the fawn-colored door leading to gross debasement.

I’d like to think I’m something special, but I know I’m just another misbegotten girl, lost inside her life, vulnerable and open to attack. Just my luck! It is strange to find myself musing on these things as I complete the main act of their ritual play. But it’s comforting to know that the bottom line of my debasement is the same old thing, the same old need to get off, jack off, fuck. I suspect they’ll turn into harmless lambs once they’re spent.

It’s really a great game… if it is game. The idea that they are seriously considering me as their newest initiate sex slave sort of worries me. But they’re coming now, spilling seed everywhere inside me, on my roughed up skin, in my hair, wherever they like—after all, I’m theirs.