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The Virgin of Greenbrier by Victoria Morris Excerpt

The Virgin of Greenbrier by Victoria Morris

Paperback & Ebook

“Time to rise and shine, sleepy head.” Lucretia did not stir from under the warm blanket. With a firm tug he yanked that comfort away, “Lucy!”

“Leave me be,” she muttered, reaching down with one hand, trying to find the blanket that wasn’t there.


She shot wide awake, obviously stunned at where she still found herself to be. How she must loathe him, but he was used to it. “No, I won’t. Go away!” she protested. He was used to that, too.

Dr. Addams’ hand was around her bare ankle as he dragged her off the mattress. Lucy reached out just in time to take hold of the doorframe. The doctor pulled harder before landing a sharp slap onto Lucretia’s bare bottom. Her grip on the woodwork instantly released. He snatched both her ankles and pulled her into the center of the main bedroom. “What time is it, little girl?”

“How should I know?” Lucretia yanked at her legs.

His hold was firm. “No, it’s time to get up because your Master says so.” He reached down too fast for Lucretia to stop him and placed another sound slap to her bare ass. “What time is it, Lucy?”

“Stop it!  You are not my Master and I am not your slave!” She kicked and twisted more.

Dr. Addams yanked her roughly to her feet and stared her straight in the eyes. “Yes, I am, and yes, you are.” He did not flinch. The fingers of both his hands pressed into the soft flesh of her arms.

“No, I am not!” Her eyes narrowed as if daring him to strike her.

“You are acting like the spoiled little girl your father told me you were.” In some strange way he was rather enjoying her protests, childish or not. She would be a challenge and it had been too long since he had trained anyone with as much self-righteous pride as Lucretia. She was used to being mistress in her own home. Now, she was suddenly on the other side and not at all willing to give up her dominant role in society so easily. He almost kissed her right then and there. Her expression could not have been more willful. “Do you know what we do with naughty, spoiled little girls here?”

Now she looked disgusted as well as furious. “No, and I do not care to know. You people sicken me. Release me this instant!”

His grip on her arms tightened, and he knew he must be hurting her, but she was too stubborn to show it. “Where will you go? Home? Your home is here now, at Greenbrier. Your father has sold you to me and will return you to me should you appear on his doorstep before I have freed you, if I decide to free you at all. You have no place to run to, Lucy. If you run, you could end up in worse hands than mine for I will report you as a runaway slave and trust me, you don’t want to end up in the hands of some Slaver. Granted, you are pale as can be, but you’d not be the first slave to pass as white, would you? My Cassandra could almost pass for white.”

Her jaw was firm and red blotches formed on her cheeks. “Let me go.” The words were tight in her throat.

“No.” He was a good nine inches taller than her and considerably stronger. In seconds, she was lifted from the floor and carried to the nearest chair. There Dr. Addams pulled her over his lap and held her down. “In this house respectable ladies who act like spoiled little girls are spanked.” With his left forearm across her shoulder blades, Dr. Addams made sure Lucretia could not move. His right hand immediately went to work on her bottom. First one cheek was spanked then the other. There was no mercy to be had at this point. The harder she fought, the harder the blows landed. Though she had given up trying to actually hit him herself, she now put all her efforts into escape.

“Lay still and obey and this will end,” he told her over her growls and screams.

“Let me go, you bastard! Let me go!  Let me go!”

“Not a very nice thing to call your Master, is it?” The spanking continued until Lucy’s bottom went beyond pink to a deep rosy red. “Tell your Master what a good girl you will be and maybe he will stop spanking you.” He paused, running the palm of his hand in smooth circles over her warm skin. “Unless, of course, you don’t want me to stop the spanking. Unless, of course, you like it.”

She screamed and her thrashing intensified. “I hate you!  I hate you!”

Dr. Addams’ hand continued its work. The fingers of his left wound up through Lucretia’s hair, tugging at it just a bit and holding her in place. He could see the tears starting to run down her face. He’d struck a chord. He leaned over closer to her ear. “Tell me, do you like it?”

Lucretia’s physical strength was draining fast, “No!”

“If that is true then ask your Master to stop doing it.” Her bottom was glowing under his hand. “Either tell your Master you like it or ask him to please stop.” Lucretia’s body shook with emotion. “Which will it be? We can spend all day like this if we have to. I see a nice wooden paddle in reach when my hand gets tired, so you may as well do as I tell you. You are doing this all to yourself, little one.”

“Stop calling me that,” Lucy’s voice trembled. Six more strikes hit her ass, twice as hard as all the others before.

He saw her bite her bottom lip to prevent herself from crying out. “I know. I can check for myself to see if you like it.” As he pressed his fingers between her legs and played with her tenderness, utter horror filled her eyes along with something else. As much as her mind must be telling her to pull away, her body was responding otherwise. “Any idea how hot and wet you are, little one? I think she likes being spanked, doesn’t she?”

Her body tightened like a spring then suddenly released in a violent fit of protest as Lucretia tried to squirm away. Dr. Addams stood and dumped her without dignity to the floor. Well-trained himself, the doctor made his expression a cold, emotionless mask. Lucretia glared up at him. “I said don’t call me that. I’m not a little girl.”

He sighed with disappointment and turned away. When she squeaked he knew he had her exactly where he wanted her. “I had hoped,” he began, slowly turning to face her, “that we could have had a nice day together. Instead, I find myself considering putting you at the bottom of the stairs again. Better yet, I see you out in the courtyard. It’s a lovely day. Everyone is sure to see you there. What do you think now?”

Her face tightened. She blinked. Her nostrils flared, but her bottom lip quivered. The doctor grinned at the sprawled, naked helplessness on the floor at his feet. Her butt could not possibly be any redder and what could she do about it? He knew the more she fought this place, the worse it would become for her. Lucretia looked down at the floor.

“No thoughts? Ah well, I’ll decide then.” Dr. Addams retrieved the familiar iron shackles. “Let’s go to the courtyard.”

“No…” Lucretia started to say.


Her whole body shook. “No, I mean … no, please, I…” She was going to do it, he realized. “Please, Sir … I’ll be…good… I…” Her eyes narrowed, barely looking at him before the lids dropped down once more. “I’ll be good, Master.” She spat the last word out with utter disgust.

“Much better.”  The shackles were put away and then his hand reached down to help her to her feet. With reluctance, she took it. “See how much nicer I can be when you simply obey?” He didn’t mind when she gave him no answer. She’d taken a major step by calling him Master and for now that was enough. “We’ll eat breakfast then take you to see Thomas, the blacksmith.”

Lucy snatched her hand from his, “Blacksmith?”

“I’m sure you’ve seen the collars and cuffs the others wear. Who else will fit you for your very own set?” The doctor chuckled. “Come with me. Breakfast is ready.”

Slaves of Rome by Don Julian Winslow Excerpt

Slaves of Rome by Don Julian Winslow – Paperback & Ebook

I watched the parade without much interest as it made its way slowly by, when a creaking wagon came into view and with it a particularly rare prize.  The jogging cage held a statuesque blonde.  This must be a captive from the Northern peoples, I realized, a rare Teuton to be sure, as I recognized the striking Nordic features that Gaius had once described to me in such loving detail.  This Germanic beauty was impressively tall, regal in bearing, and elegantly made, she stood with cold blue eyes looking out over the crowd, eyes that were remote and unblinking.  Mostly the favored captives who found themselves so displayed in the tall wooden cages would shrink back to huddle in a far corner averting their eyes, or they might squat down studying the planks on the floor with head held low in the utter shame of defeat.  But this woman did no such thing!

            She stood there boldly, defiantly facing her Roman enemies, strong legs set in a widened stance as though to compensate for the roll of the wagon.  Her hands clasped the bars at either side of her pale face, as she stood regarding with icy contempt those who would seek to subdue her.

Bedtime Story – Lost & Found by Nat Cameron

Lost & Found by Nat Cameron – Paperback & Ebook

Before I start my story, I just want to remind you…I love you,” John says as he and Sam lie in bed. It’s warm outside but not hot enough for the air conditioning so they can hear the breeze blowing and the calls of exotic birds and animals unfamiliar to them.

“I feel so good being here with you, so happy. It’s such a contrast to when Aidon, Kate and I went to Hawaii shortly after the divorce. We all wanted a great Christmas holiday in the sun but the trip was also an escape from everything that reminded them about how much their lives had changed. I remember being there, and trying really hard for them, but I knew they were hurting and so was I. I saw families, and couples everywhere at our resort and I wanted what they had, or appeared to have. I felt so bad about taking their home from them.

But now, I know they’re happy again and here we are. We have so much together. You are a real partner, the one I was looking for and I never want to let you slip away.”

Sam is delighted to hear John express himself so freely. She always knew he was a good communicator, it was one of the things that attracted her to him, but he is like other men in her life; able to talk about how he feels, but not conditioned to do it, so it doesn’t always come easily.

“That story you told me this morning was so exciting. I’ve been having fun thinking of a story for you,”

he continues. “I kept imagining how hot it would be for you to be Pam’s Pet Girl and how exciting the whole scenario would be for me to observe as a fly on the wall. So that is where I am going to start.”

“Mmmmm, yummy” Sam says, turning off the light and settling in, under the sheet.

John begins:  “Pam has arranged to take you to her house for a sleepover. She comes to my place to pick you up. I greet her at the door. You are fully dressed because you are ready to go, but you are kneeling on the floor with your head down when she arrives.

“John, good to see you man!” she says “I am so excited about having Fifi overnight. As per our talk on the phone the other day, my friend Andrea is coming over for dinner and she knows I’m borrowing Fifi, so that’s all good, right?”

“Perfect, now, I want to be very clear about the rules for Fifi. She is to be a Pet Girl the entire time. Any failure on her part, any talking or, God forbid, talking back, will be met with severe punishment from you and I will back you up 100%. I have already explained these rules to her but she might need some discipline to help her to remember. Isn’t that right girl?” I stroke your hair and you leave your head down.

“Let me show you what’s in her bag. I have her food and water dishes, her leash and collar and of course all kinds of toys and restraints for you to use at your discretion. Any vocalizing from her that you don’t approve of, or any at all, will result in punishment, a gag or both. How does that sound?”

“Amazing! I am so excited, I can hardly wait!”

“One last thing, I’m going to restrain her hands behind her back right now if you are okay with that and you can drape her coat over her like a cape, okay? I just think it’s good to establish your authority right away. I’ve got Zap Straps in there, so feel free to use as many as you want to. They are excellent restraining tools.”

Pam takes you out to her car. You sit in the backseat. “Head down” she says as she straps you in. I’ve put a light cotton tee shirt on you, no bra.

“Oh, look at you, all trussed up like a good little slut” she says as she strokes your nipple through the thin cotton, watching you harden under her touch.

“Be good, or I’ll be sure to let John know about it. Do you understand?”

You nod your head.

“Good ”

When you get to Pam’s place, her friend has not arrived yet. She leads you into her house. As soon as she has you inside the door, she orders you to get on to your knees. You kneel at her feet.

“Such a good little pet” she says as she pats your head and then runs her hands through your soft hair.

“Come” she beckons you to the chair she has just sat down on. You walk on your knees to where she is. She takes your coat from your shoulders and looks at your body. She loves seeing those lovely little breasts of yours under the tee shirt I’ve dressed you in. She can’t resist stroking and fondling you through the material.

“Mmmmmm you’re getting such hard little nipples aren’t you? I’m hoping there are some nipple clamps in that overnight bag of yours…if not…I have plenty here we can play with. Lie down” she orders, and you rest compliantly on your side at her feet while she relaxes, finishing an article in the newspaper. After a few minutes, she goes into the kitchen where she places the bowls down, puts water into one of them and leaves the food one, empty for the time being. She goes upstairs to her bedroom and opens the bag. On her bed she places the handcuffs, a package of zap straps, a ball gag, the vibrator and a pair of nipple clamps. She then takes out the thick, black leather collar and the silver chain and goes back down stairs.

“Good girl” she says as she sees you lying down on your side the restraints still holding your hands behind your back.

“Kneel,” she says as she places the collar on your neck and tightens it. She attaches the chain and then she orders you to walk on your knees. She leads you into the downstairs bathroom.

“Pee?” she asks, you nod.

“Alright, stand up,” she says. You stand

“Head down” she says making sure that even though you are standing, your subservience is maintained. She unbuttons your jeans and pulls them down. She then pulls your panties down. While you pee, she takes off your socks and shoes. She then slides your pants and panties off. You are now sitting on the toilet wearing only your tee shirt, and the thick collar with the chain attached.

“All done? good,” she says as she takes toilet paper and wipes you off, taking her own sweet time. She knows she is exciting you.

“Up” she says as she washes her hands at the sink. She uses nail scissors to cut off the plastic restraints around your wrists and then she orders you to raise your arms above your head. She takes off your shirt and you stand before her naked.

“Keep that head down” she orders as she runs her hands over your body, appraising you, stroking, pinching and fondling you freely, with complete control.

“Turn” she says. You turn around and stand with your back to her. She strokes the skin on your back and fondles your ass, kneading you, stroking you, reaching around between your legs to feel your lips.

“Open, that’s it, good little slut,” she says because she knows exactly how turned on you are already.

“My!….how wet you are, my beautiful, slutty girl. Turn back this way.” You comply immediately, partly out of a desire to please her and partly to avoid punishment. She kneels down.

“Open, wide this time.” She takes a good look at your pussy, so smooth and pink. She runs her hand over the bare skin of your mound.  Her fingers re-acquaint themselves with all of your secrets. She opens your outer lips, pulls and spreads your inner lips, briefly slides two fingers inside you and then rubs them teasingly, all wet and slippery on your clit. You work hard not to make any noise.

“Down! right down, on all fours like a good pet, now!” she says firmly. You obediently comply and feel the cold floor on your knees and your hands.

“Such an excited girl,” she washes her hands again. “You keep my fingers so wet baby, what a good girl you are,” she says. She leads you out to the living room where she tells you to sit. Obediently, you do as you are told. She places a soft fleece blanket on the floor with two large cushions and orders you to lie down. You walk to your bed, your chain dragging on the floor behind you.

Pam goes to the kitchen and you hear her open a bottle of wine and pour it into two glasses. You hear her as she prepares a meal. She puts some music on.  Not long afterwards, your smell garlic and herbs and many other good smells coming from the kitchen. The door bell rings. Pam goes to the door and calls through it.

“Is that you Andrea?”


“Give me a minute, I want to have everything just right.”


Pam approaches you. “Come!” she says as she walks you to the door. Pam places you beside the door and orders you to kneel.

“I want Andrea to be able to get a good look at you, beautiful pet.”

“Head down again now, that’s it.” She strokes your hair for a moment then opens the door.

“Hello, I am so glad you’re here!” Pam says as she and Andrea hug each other.

“Me too, thank you so much for inviting me, I am so excited about meeting your pet!” Andrea says.

“And….we get to have her all night. Her master won’t be picking her up till noon tomorrow.”

“Mmmmmm,” Andrea says, “so I guess we can be her Mistresses until then, how exciting!”

Andrea approaches you, raises your chin, looks at your face appraisingly. You know better than to make eye contact. She lowers your head and then crouches down to run her hands over every part of your naked body. She touches your upper arms.

“Nice toning” she says to which Pam agrees.

“He keeps her in really good shape.”Pam says

“I can see that, turn around girl! turn around Fifi!” Andrea says, already in complete control, showing firmness and absolute dominance. You turn, allowing her to look at your toned back and beautiful, round, athletic ass.

“Magnificent, alright, look at that! she has the backside of a twenty year old sprinter” Andrea says with appreciation.

Pam jumps in ”….which reminds me….I want to make sure we have some good things on hand with which to spank her, should she need discipline or punishment. I have strict rules from John, who has been very clear about his expectations for her. Let’s go upstairs and I’ll fill you in and we can make sure we lay out a good paddle for that lovely bottom of hers.”

“Stay!” Pam commands and she and Andrea disappear upstairs. The room is a little cold from the opening of the door. Your nipples harden but you stay still, eager to show them both, how good you can be when you put your mind to it. They come down, go into the kitchen without looking at you, get their wine and take it into the living room. They chat and get up-to-date a little, ignoring you entirely and establishing their complete control over you. Eventually Pam calls you.

“Here girl” she calls absently, as she continues to laugh and talk to Andrea. “Good wine isn’t it? and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg,” Pam says as you walk compliantly to where she sits.

“Come here! What did I tell you about your head!? hmmmm? What did I say? Bad girl! You keep that head down! Now! That’s better!”

She takes your chain, wraps it around her hand several times and pulls it hard. She roughly manoeuvres you, so that you are in front of her on all fours.  She orders you to put your head right down on the carpet. You comply immediately. Andrea watches all of this, completely captivated by the spectacle she is observing. She sees you with your side to her, ass up in the air waiting for whatever punishment you have coming to you, to be delivered decisively. Pam gives you several hard spankings. You feel completely humiliated, your face flushes bright red and you feel as if you are going to come, right then and there.

“I’m sorry Andrea, that our conversation had to be so rudely interrupted by an impertinent girl who seems to be having great difficulty understanding her place at this moment. “

“Not to worry……I’m sure we can think of several different ways to reinforce that message as the evening progresses. I look forward to it.”

“Me too, but let’s keep her on a short leash in the mean time, there really can’t be too much discipline in this situation. Now, what were we talking about?”